Application Process Timeline

Spring: Prior to Applying

  • Research areas of interest, institutions, and programs.
  • Talk to advisers about application requirements.
  • Register and prepare for appropriate graduate entrance exams.
  • Investigate national scholarships.
  • If appropriate, obtain letter of recommendation.

Summer: Prior to Applying

  • Take required graduate entrance exams.
  • Download application materials.
  • Visit institutions of interest, if possible.
  • Write your application essay and have it reviewed for comments by faculty and a career advisor.
  • Check on application deadlines and rolling admissions policies.

Fall: Application Time

Spring: Follow-up

  • Check with all institutions before their deadlines to make sure your file is complete.
  • Schedule interviews as needed.
  • Visit institutions that accept you.
  • Send a deposit to your chosen institution.
  • Notify other colleges and universities that accepted you of your decision so that they can admit students on their waiting list.
  • Send thank-you notes to people who wrote your recommendation letters, informing them of your decision.