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Employed by a business enterprise with a multi-tier management structure.

Actuary vs Accountant: What’s the Difference?

An actuary reviews data to calculate risks, typically for insurance premiums or business decisions. On the other hand, an accountant compiles and reports financial information for things like taxes, year-end statements, and budgeting.

While the careers have many overlaps — both …

By McKayla Girardin - Forage
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Top 15 Consulting Firms of 2022

Consulting is often a fast-paced career that exposes you to many industries, companies, and people. From large to small, plenty of firms in the U.S. can help you launch your career as a consultant.

But what are the top consulting …

By Rachel Pelta - Forage
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Featured Mentors

  • Professor Emerita of Geology University of North Carolina Wilmington
  • Executive Search and Assessment Professional Russell Reynolds Associates
  • Assistant Director of Volunteer Engagement The College of Wooster
  • Executive Acquisitions Editor, Academic and Trade Division Oxford University Press
  • Director - Organizational Learning Premier Health Partners
  • Colonel USAF
  • Network coordinator AmeriCorps

Skill-Building Classes

Data Analytics: Graph Analytics

Since the inception of data analytics, the way in which analysts view and interpret data has evolved tremendously. New technologies,…

Head Strong (Blinkist Summary)

Do you want to unlock your full cognitive potential? This audio-only course from Blinkist gets you started on the right…

Technical Product Management

Marily Nika
Are you interested in exploring a career as a Product Manager in a tech organization, but are concerned you may…

How to Beat Burnout, Exhaustion, and Stress

Pete Mockaitis | How to Be Awesome at Your Job
Burnout is often assumed to be the consequence of overwork. But this is only partially true—exhaustion is merely one facet…

The Upskilling Imperative (Blinkist Summary)

How can you make learning a core part of the way you work, and how can you share that across…

Data Visualization in Python with Dash

Robin Andrews
Data is everywhere. It’s fundamental to your business process. It allows you to make sound, well-informed decisions driven by evidence,…

Hiring a Chief Data Officer

Ben Sullins
What is a Chief Data Officer, and how could your organization use one? In this audio-only course, Ben Sullins interviews…

Coaching Yourself through the Ambiguity of Leading

Prakash Raman
Leading yourself and your team presents several challenges, and most of them do not have prescriptive answers. How do you…

Business Lessons from a Chess Champion

Believe it or not, you can find significant parallels between how business relationships are formed, how goals are achieved, and…

Foundations of Treasury Management

Earl Stice
Business finances include a variety of factors, from investments, cash, outstanding invoices, and even assets. In this course on treasury…

Creator: A Special Series from the Hello Monday Podcast

LinkedIn News
Billions of people turn to social media for community and connection. But to the entrepreneurs highlighted in this series, these…

Greg McKeown on the Art of Getting Effortless Results (Without Burning Out)

Greg Mckeown
Ongoing stress and rampant burnout from contemporary life and work conditions are well recognized, but do we compound this by…

Brand Strategy: Management of Your Brand Reputation

Chelsea Krost
A positive brand reputation increases customer loyalty, builds trust in the market, and helps position you as a leader in…

PowerPoint Quick Tips

Garrick Chow
Enhance your PowerPoint abilities—and get on-the-spot solutions to common questions—with this collection of quick, bite-sized tutorials. Each video is self-contained…

Nano Tips for Developing Magnetic Charisma with Shadé Zahrai

Shadé Zahrai
Welcome to our Nano Tips series, where LinkedIn Learning creators deliver impactful lessons in literally seconds. In this installment, find…

Develop and Promote Your Hybrid Competence

Scott Mautz
Experts have coined a new soft skill they say deserves attention: “hybrid competence.” If you’ve successfully juggled Zoom calls, monitored…

Finance Foundations: Corporate Governance

Earl Stice
In this course, Jim and Kay Stice explore the foundations of corporate governance, including key aspects and considerations when creating…

Email Marketing: Drip Campaigns

Sam Dey
Email marketing campaigns, when executed properly, can help you build trust with even the most disengaged customer. In this course,…

Performance Management: Setting Goals and Managing Performance

Todd Dewett
View Todd’s LinkedIn Newsletter As a manager, you want to set your employees up for success by helping them create…

Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action (Blinkist Summary)

What do most great leaders and captains of industry have in common? They center their approach around a compelling “why.”…

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