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Find resources and opportunities within the Communications industry.

The imparting and/or exchanging of information or news through media and technology.

Is Marketing a Good Career Path?

If you’re considering pursuing a marketing career, you may be wondering if marketing is a good career path. What types of jobs are in the field, and what kind of professional progress is possible? The marketing field covers an array …

By Rachel Pelta - Forage
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Top 15 Consulting Firms of 2022

Consulting is often a fast-paced career that exposes you to many industries, companies, and people. From large to small, plenty of firms in the U.S. can help you launch your career as a consultant.

But what are the top consulting …

By Rachel Pelta - Forage
Showcase your skills. Find your career fit.
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Job + Internship Listings

Featured Mentors

  • Executive Acquisitions Editor, Academic and Trade Division Oxford University Press
  • Senior Writer Bloomberg News
  • Senior Editor and Writer American Greetings
  • Executive Director USENIX Association
  • Business Systems Analyst Consultant at Puget Sound Energy AIM Consulting Group
  • AppleCare Partner Relations Project Manager and Content Coordinator Apple
  • Vice President BBS & Associates
  • Marketing Coordinator The Capitol Theatre
  • Senior Marketing Specialist Bon Appetit Management Company
  • Assistant L’arche Seattle
  • Director of Operations and Strategy Bureau Blank

Skill-Building Classes

Content Marketing: Podcasting for Business

Martin Waxman
View Martin’s LinkedIn Newsletter Podcasting is a great way to promote a brand or build a following. In this course,…

SOLIDWORKS Simulation: Dynamic Analysis

Tony Abbey
Learn how to perform dynamic analysis using SOLIDWORKS Simulation. The course starts by covering dynamics theory and normal modes analysis.…

SOLIDWORKS: Shell and Beam Modeling in FEA

Tony Abbey
Much of CAD design uses 3D elements for finite element analysis (FEA) simulation. However, sometimes thin-walled or frame-like structures dominate.…

Revit: Multifamily Housing

Brian Myers
Multifamily housing requires special considerations, from shared walls to sidewalks, roads, and parking. In this course, you can learn how…

Writing Case Studies

Tom Geller
If you have helped a customer achieve success, you can document it in a case study, which is how you…

Advanced Business Development: Communication and Negotiation

Elizabeth (McLeod) Lotardo
Deals are won and lost in the nuances of communication and relationship building. To be successful, business development reps must…

Learning PlanGrid: Digital Construction Drawings

Jim Rogers
As the construction industry begins its transformation from mostly paper-based management processes to digital, PlanGrid has emerged as one of…

Editing Images Using Snapseed

Justin Reznick
When everyone has a smartphone, anyone can be a photographer. The hard part is editing photos to make them into…

Photoshop: Backgrounds and Textures

Harold Davis
Turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Learn how to transform relatively straightforward photographs into distinctive visual art, using Photoshop backgrounds…

Up-Close Portrait Photography: Start to Finish

Chris Orwig
How do you create authentic, sincere portraits that capture the essence of people? A lot of it comes down to…

Cert Prep: LEED Green Associate

Fulya Kocak Gin
Are you passionate—and knowledgeable—about the latest green building principles and practices? If so, earning the LEED Green Associate credential can…

Bluebeam: Tips and Tricks

Jim Rogers
Become a Bluebeam pro. Bluebeam is a robust suite of software for working with PDF documents in the architecture, engineering,…

Lighting Techniques for Video Interviews

Kevin Bradley
Take your video interviews to the next level using proven, effective, and affordable lighting techniques. Kevin Bradley is an award-winning…

Fieldwire: Construction Field Management

Jim Rogers
As the construction industry begins its transformation from mostly paper-based management processes to digital, Fieldwire has helped construction professionals spend…

Autodesk Civil 3D: Data Management Workflows

Josh Modglin
Working with Autodesk Civil 3D means working with more than CAD. You’re working with large amounts of data, all stored…

SOLIDWORKS: Design for Mechatronics

Justin Flett
SOLIDWORKS is the leading software for mechanical design and engineering. However, it also offers a powerful toolset for generating mechatronic…

Magazine Design Start to Finish: The Inside Pages

John McWade
You want the inside pages of your magazine to deliver a strong, cohesive look and feel that does justice to…

The Songwriter’s Toolkit: Learning from the Masters

Julian Velard
There’s a logical underpinning to most great pop tunes. In this course, musician Julian Velard digs into this logic, pulling…

Learning Serum

Rick Schmunk
By gaining a solid understanding of sound synthesis, you’ll be empowered to create and shape your very own sounds. In…

SketchUp for Architecture: LayOut

Paul J. Smith
In this installment of the SketchUp for Architecture series, Paul J. Smith demonstrates how to link SketchUp with LayOut to…

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